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About Me

My Tender Heart

Emotions Translator

In 2016, at a time when my familiar world was crumbling, a casual introduction to astrology led me to a system called Gene Keys and my hologenetic profile. Little did I know, after stumbling upon a used copy of the Gene Keys book, that I was about to begin a most magical journey of self-love and discovery.  


The literature inside the book left me feeling seen and heard in a deep and validating way. The poignancy of the content opened a world of inner understanding [INNERSTANDING] that brought much needed peace, self-love, and compassion into my life and into my heart.


A creative urge was unlocked and I started to write and color and imagine and draw and, most importantly, verbalize…emotions, feelings, and concepts through art. I was oblivious of the magnitude of trapped expression that literally [LITERALLY] was screaming to be released – of the internal prisoner I was.  


Whole concepts came through in simple images on recipe cards and large white pages. Each creation carrying a message or philosophy intended to create pause. And inside that pause, space for a new level of awareness and intimacy to emerge. After a while, I recognized different themes and what was being expressed was intended to address communication misfiring inside interpersonal relationships.  


Fast-forward to now where I draw daily upon the wisdom of these concepts, and I continue to express myself through art. I feel a greater acceptance and gratitude for the people, places, and experiences that have shaped my journey, along with non-judgement toward those experiences (okay, a heck of a lot less judgement).


I also feel deep in my belly a coherence with my heart and an acceptance and gratitude for me – without judgement. I actually feel this. I mean I ACTUALLY feel acceptance and gratitude for me.  

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