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Offerings include expanding perspective, habit and pattern identification, cultivating solutions, ego coaching, Gene Keys profile exploration, and Usui Reiki energy sessions. 

Energy Practitioner

Emotions Translator

Working with you to expand perspective and facilitate self honesty through a variety of modalities.


Helping to identify invisible blocks and heal energy patterns that hold you back from a greater understanding of self and life's dynamics.



Communication Consulting

Creative Strategist

Leaning on two plus decades of communication and strategic planning experience to cultivate more heart and soul in an environment.


Exploring the subtler side of people and helping to expand your spectrum of consciousness and bring a heightened awareness of possibilities. 

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Gene Keys Guide

How big must our ego be
to think we don't have an ego?

Using Gene Keys along with elements of astrology and Human Design to explore relationship with self and others, creating a wider, more expansive body of understanding.  


Available to explore hologentic profiles, guide small groups through different sequences and facilitate the Delta Programme.


Rocket Girl Philosophy

Miss Understood

A compilation of theories and philosophies covering topics including interpersonal communication, habit and pattern identification, trauma, mental health, spirituality and kindness.

Based on lived experience and decades of studying interpersonal human dynamics.

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